Mum - 10 reasons why I love mum
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Mum - 10 reasons why I love mum

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A beautiful personalised gift box, perfect for Mothers Day. The box contains 10 hearts each personalised with a different reason why you love them. 
On the front of the box is a heart which can be personalised with any name or text (up to 15 words). 

The box measures 10cm (width) x 10cm (length) x 3cm (depth) and has a removable lift off lid.
The reasons on the hearts can be personalised or you can have 10 of the standard reasons below (please add a message at checkout to let us know your personalisation and preferences. Please keep any personalised hearts to a maximum of 10 words.
The standard reasons are:
  • You are so loving
  • You always put us first
  • You take us on the best holidays
  • You make the best (insert dish)
  • You are always there for me 
  • You always make me laugh
  • You are the best nan to...
  • You always listen to my problems
  • You gave us the best childhood
  • You give the best advice
  • You are always a phone call away
  • You have the best sense of humour
  • You have a heart of gold

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